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My journey with structured enhanced water so far

My journey so far:

My name is Marieke Bos and while building a new house my interest in structured water has been revived! I have been using the Natural Action Water Structuring devices for about 5 years now and feel that they make a genuine difference to my health, energy levels, garden and even to the energy in the house. I can taste and feel the difference healthy water makes to my body.

I feel that these devices have a role to play domestically as well as in agriculture where they reduce water consumption while increasing productivity and quality. Structured water devices for homes and agriculture take the concept of water wise to a whole new level

How it works:

Very basically, structured water has a lower surface tension allowing easy absorption into plant and body cells.

Structuring devices also "enliven" water that has been robbed of it's ability to sustain life efficiently by being treated, filtered or undergoing processes like reverse osmosis or desalination.

Most inline structuring products on the market work by vortexing the water as it passes through the device (like water in a mountain stream runs over boulders) and enhancing the water by adding energy as it runs over specially formulated ceramics or crystals that share their natural vibrations.


To me, one of the main benefits is that the enhanced water allows for better cell communication and reduces the effect of EMF radiations by strengthening and energising the body. So we now have a tool to protect ourselves and our families from WiFi and cellphones.

Structured water also tastes wonderful and with a portable device you can actually improve the taste of any drink, including juice and wine.

Structuring water also has a purifying effect as it's molecular structure has the tendency to encapsulate harmful substances thus protecting the body.

I can go on and on and I would encourage you to explore some of the links that I have provided for you on this website There are some great videos on the Basics page.

Water is truly amazing in ways I never dreamed of!

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