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Better Water SA


My Journey with Structured Water

Hello, I'm Carla. I discovered Better Water SA a few years back, and structured water has profoundly impacted my life ever since. When this platform's original owner and creator, Marieke Bos, approached me to continue championing the cause of structured water, my answer was a resounding YES!

If your water is still before you drink it and has been so for some time, you are NOT drinking the TYPE of water you need for optimal hydration.

Our Mission at Better Water SA

Better Water SA considers hydration your NUMBER ONE health hack, and we're here to support you on your journey to wellness with our curated range of structured water devices and complementary products such as water filters, ice baths, and remineralisers.

Some clues that you're dehydrated include brain-fog, mood swings, constipation, dry or chapped lips, and/or a dry mouth, to name just five. The risk of dehydration is serious, and it has a cumulative impact on your health.

But, when your body has the tools it needs to heal, it will do so. The FIRST and most EFFECTIVE of those tools is water. If you find yourself always tired, experiencing a mid-morning or mid-afternoon slump, drops in your mood, or you notice you're getting sick frequently despite the organic, free-range, gluten-free, pasture-reared and/or ethnically-sourced food you're eating, it is BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THE SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION and how to remedy the problem.

So, what is structured water?

Structured water refers to the molecular structure of water when it's flowing in nature. It's also called hexagonal water, Exclusion Zone water (EZ water), the fourth phase of water, and H3O2. Ultimately, all these terms refer to water the way nature intended it to be - which is negatively charged, full of energy, and bio-available for humans, animals, and plant life.

Many farmers, who are closest to our source of food, and who use and depend on water the most out of any industry, choose structured water for its ability to nourish the soil and plants and, in turn, increase crop yields. They see first-hand the difference this type of water makes to their plants and animals.

Have you ever noticed how well your garden does after rainfall? That's because rainwater is naturally energised. With our range of structured water devices, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of structured water whether on the go (with the Water For Life Portable Water Structurer), for drinking water at home (with the Water For Life Under-Counter Structurer), or for your family and your garden (with the Water For Life Whole Home Unit).

What can you expect when you change from still water to structured water?

You'll need to drink LESS water, and you'll WANT TO drink the water that comes out of your taps - never again will it be a chore. The number one change is that after years, if not decades, of being DEHYDRATED, you'll be HYDRATING properly with water that is ALIVE... for the first time in your life.

So, start your journey to hydration with us. Check out our library for a comprehensive selection of journal articles, videos, and resources to learn more about the proven benefits of structured water.

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