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Is the Body a Liquid Crystal?

Science is unraveling the mystery of water looking beyond chemistry into the structural and quantum properties of water.

Crystal structure of a snowflake

Until now science has not been able to determine where our memories are stored in the body. Some scientists now contend that our memory as well as our consciousness is seated in the crystalline structure of the water of the body. Also it has been found that the body can respond at speeds far higher than what is neurologically possible and scientists theorise that the this is also possible because of the crystalline structure of the water in the body.

Silicone valley has been built on the crystalline qualities of silica used in data computing and storage as well as high speed communication. As such the ability of crystalline structures to hold and disseminate information has been amply proved and cutting edge scientists are beginning to look at the human body in terms of a liquid crystal.

If this is so we could ask:

  • What memories and information are we putting into our bodies when we consume tap water, bottled water or filtered water for that matter?

  • Are there ways in which we can purify the water we drink on this subtle level?

On my journey with structured water I have come to understand:

  • That on the physical level mechanically vortexing water (like in a mountain stream) balances the water and serves to reset it's memory.

  • Holding positive intentions or thoughts and directing them toward the water or blessing the water has a physically verifiable impact on water and can improve the quality of the water.

  • Also using crystals with a positive intent has been shown to affect the quality of water and it's ability to sustain life.

So actually there are many things that can be done to improve the subtle qualities of the water we drink and I invite you to explore them.

To update your scientific understanding of structured water I can highly recommend the book Water Codes by Dr Carley Nuday.

This is an interview with Dr Nuday that can also be found under the Learn Page of my website

For more information please visit the Learn Page of my website!

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