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Choosing the device that works for you is a very personal decision and I would encourage you to do research and listen to your intuition. There is a lot out there!

Personally, I have used and experimented with all the Natural Action products on this page and they have all made a genuine difference to my wellbeing, my garden, the pool and the energy in my home. The portable device is a great place to start as you can easily take it with you anywhere and at least your drinking water will be structured and energised. There are also whole house and under the sink devices the can easily be plumbed into your pipes at the point of entry or after a filter. For the garden you can fix it onto your tap or hosepipe. The advantage of having a whole house device is that you will be washing and showering with structured water. 


The Jivara range is new to me and I am buying one to try it out, I couldn't resist the geometries and crystals that it has in it.

The VitaJuwel is a beautiful water structuring bottle and I have also ordered one to try. Please see the results of the scientific survey by Institute Hagalis.

I am also experimenting with Greenfield Naturals products for agriculure and larger scale devices. 

I am importing a basic range now, if you are interested in trying one out. You can collect or I can ship it to you for free (Post Office counter to counter is South Africa). All NA devices carry a 90 day money back return guarantee in case you are not happy with the product. You are also welcome to order directly from the US. Just remember there is import duty on what ever you import yourself. 

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