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Reverse Osmosis Pros and Cons

Is RO water beneficial to your health?

The pros of RO water:

  • no harmful substances,

  • no pathogens

The drawbacks:

  • due to the absence of minerals RO water leaches essential minerals out of the body,

  • RO water has no energy or "life force" it is considered to be "dead"

  • increased acidity leads to problems like gout, arthritis and reduced immunity

Sophisticated RO installations these days have many post filters including carbon filters, cartridges to improve the taste of the water, cartridges to remineralise and to alkalise so as to mitigate the drawbacks of RO.

Structuring the water after the RO process is also of utmost importance and is rarely found on RO systems. A water structuring device adds energy to the water, it balances the water making it less acidic and also allows the added minerals to dissolve better, making the RO water more bio-friendly.

So if you if you find yourself in a situation where there is no alternative to RO water what do you do?

I have been using a remineralising cartridge and a portable water structuring device with my RO water for a number of years now but as I learn more I am starting to experiment with other ways of filtration. In the last few years filtration technology has evolved to ceramic cartridges that are zeolite based and are very effective on paper. I will keep you posted on my findings as I continue my "water adventure".

Here is a picture of where I have replaced my RO unit with a the Mountain Stream Bundle 1 that is available in the shop consisting of a:

Note: I left the preliminary green pre filters from my RO system figuring they would extend the lifetime of the ceramic Best Water Filter Ever.

The water is different but pleasant in the mouth and has a good taste.

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