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Benefits of Structured Water

  • Fresh tasting invigorating water

  • Wonderful showers & baths – less chlorine smell

  • Hydrates skin, no more dry itchy skin

  • Hair & skin rinses cleaner and feels better when washed

  • Less soap necessary when washing

  • Lessens the effects from sunburns

  • Healthier plant growth – green lawns – lower freezing point

  • Reduces chlorine requirements for spas & swimming pools

  • Reduces pipe corrosion

Additional Benefits

  • Increases longevity of all systems that use water

  • Reduces odors around water use facilities

  • Improved growth of crops with increased biomass (27% to 40%)

  • Removes existing calcium and aragonite deposits

  • Solvency of the water increases profits from sales of coffee & juice

  • Healthier gardens & household plants

  • Healthier farm livestock, domestic pets & fish

  • Increases minerals, medications or any other supplement absorption up to 100 percent

  • Eliminates polluting salts, chemicals or corrosive byproducts

  • Improved aerobic bacterial activity in septic & sewage systems

  • Structured Water is loaded with negative hydrogen ions

  • Assists in the adsorption of healthful vitamins & minerals

  • Structured Water contributes to the well being of all


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