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Structured water unit proves itself in the dairy milk production industry

Since Natural Action Structured Water was first introduced into numerous dairies there has always been the feedback of overall herd health and milk production increases but not a consistent account recorded over a length of time.

So, it was proposed to really challenge the consistency of Structured Water in Dairy with one of the top milk producing Dairies in the Midwest and record the consistency from actual dairy milk production records over an extensive period of time.

The dairy chosen was Cedar Grove Dairy near Platte S.D. consisting of a 500 cow herd of Holsteins, who before the test had an average peak milk production of 116.1 lbs.

They placed 2 NA Commercial Structuring Devices in their water lines and average peak performance was recorded monthly. The test began on march 29th, 2011. Average peak performance increased April, May and June and at present their average peak dairy milk production is at 119 lbs.

Structured Water increases the bio synergistic effects in the body to the point of hydrating all cell tissues rapidly with increased caloric capacity or energy. This proprietary technology of NA Structured Water portrays the same wavelength that transmits the most beneficial electromagnetic waves on earth and are found most resonant with all cell tissues.

The truth is that water in nature is structured water. That is what NA Structured Water Units are doing. They are allowing water to act upon itself the way it does in nature. This natural action of vortexing brings energy and balance back to water without the use of chemicals or electricity. It naturally increases the biophotonic yield as it restructures the water.

Needless to say, hydration is the key issue in dairy milk production and is the missing link to countless biological functions in the body as it promotes equal concentration of nutrients and energized water molecules across the cellular membranes. NA Structured Water Devices are continually proving their consistent quality and value to health not only in Dairy but in all species of livestock and crops as the returns on investment are like no other. This coupled with their lifetime warranty make Wu Wei Structuring Water Units one of the most valuable tools to hit livestock and agriculture second only to the plow.

At the moment, more studies are underway to further solidify the findings that structured water significantly enhances the quality of cows milk. These records will be published as they become available so please check back for more reports. Not only is NA Structured Water making Dairy Milk Production better it's also helping cows be more hydrated and happier.

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