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Does Drinking Structured Water Affect Your Energy Field?

We cannot ignore that science is showing us that structured enhanced living water is critical to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our earth.

In my view we also cannot ignore the inventions and water structuring devices that have come on our path to help us.

How does drinking structured water affect your body? Here are some findings:

  • GDV analysis of the body before (left) and after (right) drinking structured water

GDV analysis of aura after drinking structured water

Note: "GDV” or Gas Discharge Visualisation is a collection of photographic

processes used to capture images of electrical discharges. Through this process we’re able to see with our own eyes energy variances of the body and everyday substances, such as water compared to structured water.

To find out more please go to The Most Important Property of Water is Energy Page on my website.

  • Chakra analysis of drinking an unstructured and structured sports drink

chakra balancing effect drinking a structured energy drink

From the above we can conclude that not only does the body become energised by drinking structured liquids it also becomes more balanced.

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