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Structured Water Tastes Better

95% of people who do a blind test comparing tap water to the same water that has been structured immediately perceive a difference!

Picture of some one drinking water

I have done this test with more than a hundred people in my kitchen, basically every visitor that comes to my house...

This is what they generally observe about the structured water they try it:

  • it feels softer in my mouth

  • it feels like it goes down so easily

  • I don't feel so bloated after a full glass

  • my body feels satisfied by this water

  • I feel energised

I use a portable Natural Action Water Structuring device for this test. It structures the water mechanically by vortexing it and energetically by entrainment with the energetic imprint of various crystals.

Graphic illustrating vortexing

Vortexing water happens naturally in mountain streams and enhances the water in the following ways:

  • it breaks down large clusters of water molecules making it softer

  • it structures the water molecules into hexagonal formations

  • it energises the water

  • it erases the memory imprinted on the water

This allows the water to be easily absorbed by the cells and makes it nourishing to the body. Structuring devices mimic nature and have the same effect.

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