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UMH water structuring devices are the ultimate in energizing, neutralizing, and raising the vibration of water.

Since 1994 each device has been assembled by hand by a Master Craftsman in Austria to evoke the energy of the cosmos. Only the finest materials are used. Attention to detail and small batches contribute to the high vibration of each device. Materials include 24 carat gold, brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, in addition to other gem stones.

How does UMH Water Work?

As water runs through the UMH devices, water is structured in multiple ways through vortexing, sacred geometry, and entrainment. The features vary slightly with each device but the outcome is the same with all of them – UMH Structuring Units create high vibration living water.

Water passes over sacred geometry such as the golden spiral and pyramids with the same angles as the Pyramid of Giza, spins through a vortexing design and interacts with highly charged vials containing a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particulates. In the larger UMH devices such as the Maximus and the Prisma, the water also interacts with 10 small marble sized gem stones.

As water passes through the UMH water structuring devices, memory and stored information is erased as energy is added to the water. Water then receives a full power reboot from the ether as it interacts with the vials and gem stones or gem stone particulates.

For over 23 years UMH products have been used around the world and many technical documents have been aggregated. If you’d like to read them for yourself, visit the UMH Technical Documents page on this link.

What are the different kinds of UMH structuring devices?

The UMH Maximus & the UMH Prisma

The UMH Maximus is the ultimate whole house water structuring technology. It fits on the main water pipeline and enables all water in your home to be transformed into the highest vibration structured water. The same water structuring device is used with the UMH Prisma, an extraordinary tabletop water device that includes a 24 carat gold plated pyramid shaped stand to amplify the vibration of your water even further.

The first interaction water has inside the device is with a Golden Mean Spiral that attunes the water with the energy of creation.

The UMH Maximus is made out of brass and includes 10 gem stone balls inside the device along with 20 vials with highly charged salt water solution with gold particles and other gem stone mini particulates. The energetic reading for these devices using a Bovis meter is 39,000 BU!!

The UMH Under sink, UMH Veritas, and Jivara 3 in 1

The UMH Under Sink, UMH Veritas, and UMH 3 in 1 are 24 carat gold plated on the inside and outside. In these devices, the first interaction water has inside the device is with a small quartz pyramid, a miniature version that dimensionally mimics that Pyramid of Giza, and attunes the water to pyramid power.

For insights into how pyramids have been used as powerful grounding and detoxing tools throughout history, watch this episode from Gaia TV about pyramid power.

The UMH Under sink, UMH Veritas and the UMH 3 in 1 also contain 7 vials with highly charged water that includes a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particulates. The energetic reading for these devices using a Bovis meter is 37,000 BU!!

To see how to structure the highest vibration water with the portable by UMH, watch this fascinating video about the UMH 3 in 1.

How do I know which UMH device is right for me?

We’ve talked with many users of the UMH devices and are unable to say any one is better than the others in terms of quality of water so we recommend choosing based upon how you will use it.

Regardless of which you choose, you will own something engineered to last a lifetime and provide you with the highest vibration water. Below are some tips for what to consider when selecting your UMH water structuring device.

UMH Maximus ~ You want UMH Water in every corner of your home! The UMH Maximus is installed on the main water line as the pipe enters your home.

UMH Prisma ~ You want the ultimate table top water structuring device for your home, studio, or spa. This will evoke awe and a wow factor! Contact us if you are interested in this product.

UMH Under Sink ~ You want a water structuring device under your kitchen sink. This device is great if you have pre existing water filters or mineral cartridges you would like to continue to use along with your structuring device. It is also easy to install and remove.

UMH Veritas ~ You want a beautiful water structuring device with an elegant 24 carat gold plated stand on your dining room table or in your spa that allows you to pour directly into the water pitcher of your choosing. Contact us if you are interested in this product.

UMH 3 in 1 ~ Everyone wants one of these! This is the most versatile UMH device as it can be used as a portable device, on your shower head, and attached to your kitchen sink faucet. It comes with a travel kit packed full of tools for you to have UMH water on the road, everywhere you go!

Still have questions? You can visit the shop page for more information about each of the devices. Once there, click on the picture for each product to learn more. Please also see The Wellness Enterprise, I am an affiliate and they have a wealth of information and experience. You are welcome to order directly from them if you so wish.

This video below shows Patrick from The Wellness Enterprise talking about the UMH Maximus with a customer from Sedona. Please also see the TWE Jivara YouTube playlist with videos about UMH (previously called Jivara) products and people’s experience with them.


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