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DIY Water Structuring

Make your own water structuring device.

This weekend I gave a talk on structured water and I was reminded how easy it actually is to make simple, effective home water structuring devices.

What you need:

  • a plastic water bottle or a funnel

  • a smooth stone or crystal that is not a perfect sphere

  • marbles


  1. Take the funnel or cut the bottom of the bottle off and turn it over so it looks like a funnel and rest it in a mug or glass,

  2. take the smooth stone or crystal and place it into the funnel making sure the hole is not completely blocked,

  3. fill up to between a third or half with marbles,

  4. pour water over the marbles, the water is structured as it vortexes over the marbles

  5. catch the water in the cup or glass

For greater effect you can take the same water and pour it over the marbles a few times.

Be sure to taste and compare the before and after. The structured water will feel softer and wetter in your mouth. You will be amazed at the difference! Also notice how your body will feel more satisfied after a glass of structured water.

Another way of structuring water is to fill a jug and stir it with a circular motion for a few minutes. If you see a vortex or whirlpool appearing you are doing it right. Leave this water to stand for a few hours or overnight and then taste it.

You can also structure water by placing crystals in it. Rose quartz, clear quartz and amethyst is a good place to start.

Blessing your water or expressing gratitude to the water you are about to drink also makes it more body friendly.

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