How the Science of Water has Evolved

There is more to water than chemistry!

There are no chemical explanations for the changes that occur in water by simply exposing it to mechanical action (vortexing) or by placing crystals into it or subjecting it to thoughts or intentions.

The consciousness around water is changing profoundly as science has developed the tools and the insight to further unravel the mystery surrounding water. Scientists no longer look at water from a purely chemical perspective but are discovering that the structural and quantum aspects are actually of far greater significance when considering water as the integral component of life.

Examples of new instruments used to measure the properties of water:

  • GDV Imaging

  • Crystallisation (Maseru Emoto)

Most water structuring devices use or combine:​

  1. mechanical vortexing (induced by the flow of the water or by stirring action) often incorporating the geometries and mathematics found in nature

  2. energetic enhancement (by means of crystals, EM ceramics, entrainment by very highly structured energised water samples, magnets, frequency generators or resonators, etc.)

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  • Natural Action

  • Jivara

  • VitaJuwel

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