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How to Drink Water for Health

Water in vegetables and fruit is naturally structured and therefore life enhancing.

There is a lot of advice around about how best to consume water for optimal wellbeing. I recently came across an interesting perspective by Sadguru, based on the ancient Vedic traditions. Sadguru says:

  • most of your water intake should be derived from your food, specifically food that has a water content of over 70% like fruits and vegetables

  • drink when you are thirsty, listen to your body!

  • drink within 20 minutes of the thirst signal

  • drink on an empty stomach

  • bow to your water

  • drink 10% more than you need to quench your thirst, the body will naturally eliminate the surplus if you drink a large quantity at a time

  • do not sip continuously, this will wash away the minerals in the body and trigger the cells to call for more water to replenish the lost minerals. This causes a swelling of the tissues of the brain that can lead to psychological problems.

  • Best to drink water within 4 degrees of body temperature

  • Avoid very hot and cold water

I find it especially interesting that Sadguru recommends that we should get most of our water from food, more specifically from high water content foods like vegetables and fruit. Water in vegetables and fruit is naturally structured and therefore life enhancing. This water is easily absorbed by our cells and replenishes our biowater or cellular water most effectively.

I also find it interesting that he encourages us to "bow to", or in other words, bless, express our gratitude and honour the water that we are about to consume. As we know through the work of Emoto this impacts the structure of the water giving it life enhancing properties.

Please check out the Sadguru videos on water on my website

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