The Pool/Spa Harmonizer is an inexpensive way to help keep pool water clean with less chemicals. Ideally, a Inline Hydro Energizer should be installed onto your pool water system to optimize your pool water. The second option is to supply structured water to your pool using structured water supplied by your Hydro Energizer.  Placing one or two Water Harmonizers in your skimmer is your third and least expensive option.

Once your pool is filled with structured and energized water, the Pool Water Harmonizer will maintain the structure and energy level of your pool or spa water. 

Pool & Spa Benefits

  • Eliminates Unpleasant Effects Of Pool Chemicals On Skin and Eyes
  • Eliminates Chlorine Odor
  • Clarifies Water
  • Reduces Chlorine Use
  • Reduces Scum Build-up On Coping
  • Reduces Filter Cleaning & Backwashing
  • Reduces Pump Operating Pressure

Simply place in the skimmer and forget it.

Two Harmonizers are recommended for enhanced performance.

5 year performance warranty

The Pool/Spa Harmonizer works just like the Personal Harmonizer and will enhance any environment. 

Place them wherever you spend time:

  • In your vehicle
  • In your office beside your computer
  • On your nightstand
  • In the fridge
  • Beside your wifi router
  • Near your electrical panel
  • Even in the bathtub. 

Pool Harmoniser

R2 000,00Price