The Personal Harmonizer contains a wide array of rare earth minerals  in  a sealed cartridge. (See the mineral videos here).

These natural earth minerals emit photonic energy with surprising results!

  • Sleep with it

  • Run with it

  • Energise beverages

  • Energise anything!

  • Don't leave home without it

Designed for permanent placement for the following applications:

  • Next to your Wifi router

  • Next to your computer

  • Next to the electrical panel

  • On your night stand

  • In your fridge

  • In your vehicle

  • In your spa or pool

  • On your water line

“I placed the Harmonizer cartridge in the refrigerator next to the milk and this the best tasting milk I’ve had since I left the farm 65 years ago. Everything in the refrigerator tastes better. I set it next to a plastic container of well water and the water tastes better and it makes great coffee too. The other Harmonizer I placed in bed so the wife and I sleep with it close to us. It seems to have given me more energy.” Satisfied Customer

"An amazing product! I placed one in my pool and one in my spa. My cleaning efforts have been cut in half, the water is clearer and the chlorine smell is significantly reduced. I love it!” — Jim, Sacramento, California

“I placed the Personal next to area where I was experiencing a headache and gave it a few minutes. It’s worked for me twice now to neutralize the pain. I use it in the bath to enhance the water from my tap and place it daily on the wall opposite the breaker box to help neutralize unhealthy EMF waves emitted into the house via electrical wiring. ”  — Rita Childers 

“Since I have slept with the personal next to me at night, I wake up in the morning and my leg pain is gone. I wake up feeling as though I have slept much deeper through the night. I gave mine to a friend to try and she won’t give it back since it helps her sleep deeper and wake up with no pain as well. Please send me another one. ”  — Larry, Moscow, ID

Personal Harmoniser

R1 000,00Price