Natural Action Sink Device

How many times per day do you turn on your sink and how many times is that water interacting with your body?

Whether you’re drinking the water, cooking with the water or simply using the water to wash your hands.

Each time you interact with water that lacks structure (also known as chaotic) that chaos impacts our body, mind and overall energy.  Through proven science our Natural Action Water Dynamically Enhanced Under Sink Device (a mouthful we know) structure’s your water to support your life and energy as opposed to breaking it down.

Through a very simple installation under your sink you’ll be able to be more vibrant and energized simply by drinking water that supports you as opposed to hindering your energy.


Uses for the Natural Action Under The Sink Device:

  • For cooking with Structured Water.
  • For filling water containers.
  • For washing your produce in Structured Water.


Natural Action Shower Device

Product Description – Dynamically Enhanced 6 ball flow form available in blue and white.

Imagine showering under a warm waterfall of enlivened, life benefiting, droplets of water. With a Mini Shower product you will be getting the same healthy benefits every time you take a shower. Simply twist off your existing shower head, install one of Natural Action Technologies’ Mini Shower (or Super Shower)products and then position your shower head back on to our Mini Shower product. It’s fast and easy!

  • Soft healthy skin and hair
  • More moisture for skin and hair
  • Eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water
  • No hard water build-up in shower
  • Assists in improving any skin conditions
  • All memory held in water is wiped clean
  • Water that is alive and full of energy
  • Greater sense of well being


Natural Action Garden Device

Have a garden of beautiful flowers, or even full of fruit and vegetables you use to feed yourself and your family?  Then why not use water that supports energetic growth of all plant life?

Our Natural Action Dynamically enhanced Garden Device does that and so much more.

How great would it be to have grown more vegetables than you and your family can eat?  Imagine being able to give your neighbors the gift of your garden!  You can, by giving your plants the water that best supports their healthy and energetic growth.

Or for you canners out there, think of what you can do with all the excess produce from your garden.



    Natural Action Compact

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