Gold Plated Austrian Water Structuring Technology featuring Sacred Geometry, Vortexing, Entrainment and Precious Gems to produce the finest Structured Water.

Every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos. Every drop of the water you consume is amplified with it!

Includes the UMH Travel Kit with a funnel, nozzle, and fittings to allow you to use the UMH3 in 1 as a Portable, Sink and Shower Device. Travel kit pictured is red. Actual color of your kit may vary.


The UMH device is designed to optimize your health through hydration and energy enhancement and to open your spirit by revitalizing the energy of your water. Every measurement of the device evokes the energy of the cosmos in a similar manner to how the Pyramid of Giza, the ceremonial sites at Machu Picchu and the stones at Stonehenge evoke harmonious energies.


UMH is a natural water purification system that brings back the vitality in water through funneling it through Sacred Geometry, vortexing, crystals, shungite, carbon, rose quartz and more gems. This is known to cause miracles in your life, and bring you great health and happiness. This is a new technology that even Dr. Masaru Emoto would have approved of!

UMH Live Portable Shower Sink 3 in 1 Structured Water Device

R15 000,00Price