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99% of the Molecules in our Body are Water

Most of us have heard the the body consists of between 70 and 80% water. While this is true in terms of mass, in terms of the number of molecules 99% of the molecules in our bodies are water. This is possible because water molecules are very light and very small.

Scientists have also discovered that all of the water in the body is highly structured and that the body functions by virtue of this structured water. For example:

  • Healthy DNA is encapsulated by a layer of structured water.

  • In order for proteins to be synthesised a layer of structured water is required.

  • Cellular energy generation depends on structured water.

Science is showing that the structured water in our bodies play and absolutely vital role. When we consume structured water we support the optimal functioning of the body. Not only is structured water easily assimilated by the body, it is vital in nearly all bodily functions. Consuming unstructured, chaotic water does not support the wellbeing of our body but leeches the body's energy, subjects us to toxic substances and contributes to dehydration and disease.

When we are born the water in our bodies is perfectly structured. As we consume chaotic water and live in an entropic world the water in our bodies begins to lose its structure and we begin to dehydrate and age.

Water drops

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