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Gary Greenfield on Structured Water

Greenfield Naturals products are engineered to mimic the natural water cleansing and charging processes that occur within the hydrologic cycle.  The functional motto of “Comprehend nature and copy it” is based on the life work of water visionary, Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester and naturalist who lived during the first half of the twentieth century.

The basic design of our water energising devices was inspired by implosion technology first developed by Mr. Schauberger based on his observations of water flowing in mountain streams. He realised that the energising flow dynamics of water followed a three dimensional vortex pattern which occurs wherever water flows in nature.

These three dimensional flow patterns identified as vortices are reflected by left and right turn spins creating a tubular and implosive action resulting in a drawing in and collecting of waters from a wide periphery around the vortex culminating in a narrow flow of turbulent thrust. These actions occur wherever water flows in the air as moisture or in the sea as a liquid.


This dynamic toroidal vortex is the means by which energy flows and is the foundational basis for all life. The results of these vortex energy flow patterns can be observed in all natural conditions where fluids or vapours flow. A few example of the actions and effects of the torus vortex are the electromagnetic fields generated by the human heart, the shape of flowers, fruits and trees.


The vortex is the inspiration for all implosion technologies and the toroidal vortex in particular is considered to be the main mechanism responsible for imbuing water with its critical ecological functions of renewal and life support.

Vortices are the energy transformers and energy accumulators in nature. A vortex can increase thevibrational state of any electromagnetic frequency and it can restore the natural energy patterns to something that has been corrupted. Vortex flow in nature provides the ability to remediate all forms of pollution in the water by transforming the electromagnetic frequencies of the water back to its healthy state. 

When water flows in a toroidal vortex the following benefits occur:

  • De-structured, malformed and corrupted water molecules are bought back to a structured state.

  • Ordered molecular patterns are created from chaos.

  • Malformation which always reflects a toxic state is disassembled to an elemental and natural state.

  • Corrupted electromagnetic frequencies are cancelled out or tuned into a natural waveform frequency.

  • Beneficial electromagnetic are accumulated from the field.


Dr. Jacques Benveniste, a French medical researcher who was mentioned earlier in this booklet also discovered certain properties of water which defy explanation by the tenets of mainstream physics. Digital Biology, the science he developed is based on two breakthrough observations he proved in experiments that have been duplicated by other scientists.


First, if a substance is placed in water, the water will carry the memory of that substance even when no measurable molecules of the original substance remain. The water absorbs the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance and will retain this energetic memory even if the original substance is subsequently removed from the water.

Secondly, the molecules of any given substance have a spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies that can be digitally recorded with a computer and then played back into the untreated water using an electronic transducer causing the exposed water to behave as if the actual substance were physically present. 

Dr. Benventiste’s work proves it’s not enough to simply remove toxins and contaminates from water by filtration, reverse osmosis or chemical treatment. To restore water to its healthy, life enhancing state, the electromagnetic frequencies of any harmful substances must be removed or ameliorated and replaced by energies present in all natural crystalline materials and this can only be accomplished using natures optimal tool, the vortex.  


It's the structure of water and not its chemical compostion that determines its properties.  For instance this can be observed with carbon which according to its molecular angulation will form into a diamond, the worlds hardest material or into graphite, one the natures softest materials. What makes the difference? Not its chemical composition but the angles of the molecular structure. 

 The degree to which structuring takes place within water is a direct result of the following:

  • The quality and pattern of water flow

  • The medium over which water flow takes place

  • The energies present in the vicinity of the flowing water

To conclude, optimally energised water requires optimal structuring of the water molecules and this is accomplished when water is subject to vortices while in the presence of nature's energies. This is what the Hydro Energiser accomplishes.
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